Saturday, October 13, 2007

Another fun-filled retreat

I got back from Joshua Tree on Thursday night and I will say it was certainly an interesting trip. It was a lot of fun but there was also some drama.

Some times, you get a group where the personalities of the kids all seem to mesh and other times, you are not so lucky.

I think, I am at a school that fosters a lot of different personalities. I observe some kids and I know that they probably would not fend very well at a public school. But sometimes, I tend to forget that kids are kids and they can be insensitive and intolerant. That is something I will have to keep in mind during the school year.

There were some things that these kids said or did that totally rubbed me the wrong way. And hopefully, I can point it out and have them think about these things.

Our ethical theme this year is "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Just because you can say some things does not mean you should.

Overall, the trip was again pretty amazing. Orion was really bright, we did not have a moon to keep us up on the overnight, there was an amazing breeze and the temperatures were mild. I met some new students and there were moments where they really showed that they could work together, like when we were crawling through some caves or when they were helping each other carry tents out.

I heard some pretty great stories that I probably would not hear during a regular school day.

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