Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another excellent adventure for Alex Rider (rated 5 stars)

by Anthony Horowitz

I thought he was dead, then he came back and was sent to destroy a space station. I thought he was stuck in space…but again, Alex Rider comes back to Earth and is coerced into another spy mission. This time with the ASIS, basically Australia’s secret service, and not only that, but Scorpia is back! Scorpia was the first book I read of the Alex Rider series that got me hooked on Horowitz’s young spy!

This is another action filled espionage adventure filled starting off the coast of Australia and the USS Kitty Hawk (which I am partial to because that was my Dad’s carrier) taking us to an illegal Thai fighting match through treacherous whitewaters and so much more.

If that does not make you intrigued, I do not know what will. I would like to add that students are already asking for the book and that Anthony Horowitz will be at the Santa Monica Public Library in January for a book signing. I cannot wait!

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