Friday, November 30, 2007

Becoming Public...

I am still coming to terms with this blog being public. I even (gasp) posted a link to it in a report that was sent out to a couple of the administrators at the school. But I am going to try to follow Will Richardson's suggestion that I be a public blogger and actually let individuals know my name.

I keep it pretty hidden but I suppose, if I am trying to learn from other people and if individuals are reading this I should not be afraid of them knowing. Though, discussing where I work will remain private. It is just better that way though I am sure all you tech savvy people out there can figure it out.

Also, I added a couple of interesting edubloggers on the list to the right. I do not know how I will keep up with all this reading but it will need to happen. These are the people who are trying things out and discussing it and sharing it with everyone. If you are interested, you should definitely take a moment to add them to your RSS aggregator or just click around and read some posts.

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