Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Paper Planes and Bib Cards

Before I forget, "Happy Thanksgiving!!!" I cannot wait to eat. Too bad Thanksgiving is not tomorrow then I can get to all my favorite foods sooner.

I am almost done with the library lessons portion of class. This is where the librarians teach a bunch of 7th graders how to conduct research. We introduce them to the library and staff, familiarize them with the various tools available for their use, and help them understand the research process. It is a great and important class to have because I know for a fact that not a lot of students get this kind of hands on and practical instruction.

Though these classes are important, at this time in the school year, I am exhausted and a little burned out on the lessons. I do not know how some teachers/instructors stay motivated when they teach the same lesson one class after the other. Luckily, today's class was on bibliography cards and most of the students were pretty successful in completing the task. We had enough time at the end to make paper airplanes and have a mini contest.

I was being a little selfish because I was gaging how many students would be interested in a paper plane flying contest. A couple of the boys, who had finished the assignment, took part and I was very impressed with what they created. The rules were just folded paper planes, no glue, paper clips or anything other attachments. A couple of them made really great gliders. At the end of class, they asked if they could throw them off the balcony. Some times, you need to be a little lenient to engage students and gain their trust. They were well-behaved, there were not a lot of people in the library and it was research for me.

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