Monday, December 10, 2007

Sometimes you just need to crack down...

Today, I had to crack down on my class. They are a great class but with my loose management style (ok, maybe lack of any skills) it is really difficult to get them all to focus. Everyone tells me that I need to run my class so that I can survive the year so that is what I am doing. I never have used a seating chart before. I tried to do it at the beginning of this year but there was a class right before my class so I never had a chance to put down name tags.

I was thinking about a seating chart all weekend. Is that sad? That is how stressed out I am about getting these students to focus. Also, I gave them their first test and 1/2 bombed and the other 1/2 excelled. I did not think it was me since 1/2 of them understood what I was teaching. I did notice that the 1/2 that did not do so well is the 1/2 that goofs off and I have to try to settle down throughout the class period.

I tried to settle the down my giving them a pop quiz. And it worked for a while but then the threat of a pop quiz faded. Plus, I do not want to give pop quizzes all the time. Then I was sick and I think my being there sort of faded from their memories. So, now I have a seating chart and also a class participation sheet that I add slashes or stars too. I know, that sounds very elementary school but I am hoping it works. Though, I feel as if I am bribing them and I am not so sure that that is a good idea.

Hopefully, it will work out. But with Christmas break coming I am not so sure how long it will last. Also, I had to give out detentions today for being late to class.

Not that best day in class but one I will try to learn from. I thought last year was challenging but this is a lot more difficult for me. I am not so sure why. Maybe because of the number of students and the number of different personalities.

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