Monday, December 3, 2007

"People who tend to protest books don't read"

I am a big fan of Rick Riordan's books and I started reading his blog. But with the upcoming release of the Golden Compass movie and reading a lot of list-serv and articles on how people should boycott the movie and also because of banned books week that passed a few months ago and because I'm a librarian, I thought Riordan summed it up nicely.

Ten years after the fact & now people are boycotting it?
The book has been out for a decade. Now, suddenly, it’s news. Why? There’s a movie. The only conclusion I can reach: The people who tend to protest books don’t read. At the very least, they don’t read the books they are protesting. They rely on television, Hollywood advertisements, and hearsay to form their opinions. Maybe I should not be surprised by this, but still I find it sad. Censorship is always ugly, but it’s especially ugly when it has no rational basis and is not the product of an informed decision. I can totally understand and support any parent who reads a book for himself and decides that the book is not appropriate for his child. But to protest something one has never read – whether it’s the Satanic Verses or Harry Potter or Golden Compass – is the definition of prejudice.

The Golden Compass

Last week I got a question I’d been expecting for ten years: “What do you think about the Golden Compass controversy?”
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