Wednesday, January 30, 2008

YA Review: "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer (Book 1)

by Stephenie Meyer

For the past couple of months, the kids have been waiting and ILL-ing this series. As with Harry Potter, I held out because other books interested me more or I have been extremely busy. Also, this book is always out so I have not had a chance to even check it out. (Meddling kids :) )
I finally got it in my hands and honestly, I could not put it down. I am not much for vampire stories, I was never into Anne Rice the way my friends obsessed over her. But this is definitely worth a read.
Bella (Isabella) moves to the town of Forks to live with her dad, Charlie. She hates it there. She grew up in Arizona with the sun and desert and cannot stand the cold and the lack of sunlight. However, she makes the move because her mother is dating a basketball player and is always traveling with him. She does not know her father very well and knows that she is in for challenge by moving to a town she hates and father she does not know.
As she becomes acclimated to her new surroundings, Bella has to face the fact that she is going to a new school. She goes and on her very first day in science class, she sees one of the most beautiful boys in her class. He is obviously repelled by her. She feels him loathing and hating her and does not know why. But she’s draw to him and cannot stop herself from being attracted and fascinated by his presence.
One day, Edward Cullen, starts talking to her. From that point on, for the both of them, they begin a dangerous dance that could place Bella in mortal danger.
This book is a young adult romance novel. Nothing sexually graphic happens but the tension between the two characters is so intense you cannot help but continue reading to see what happens. Bella’s life takes more and more interesting turns as she grows to accept her need for Edward Cullen. Highly recommended.

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