Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Product Placement, even in your kids books

It is the trend. It's annoying. But do the kids mind? Probably not. Nick Hornby's book is riddled with the names "Starbucks" and Tony Hawk's biography. Did it stop me from reading? No. Did it annoy the crap out of me like the way Pepsi is so prominently displayed in certain movies? YES! Here's a NYT article on the issue and 2 writers opinions. Interesting reading.
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In Books for Young, Two Views on Product Placement

Specifying a character’s brand of lipstick, shoes or handbag is a commonly accepted way to add an aura of reality or consumer aspiration to books aimed at young readers: just think of “The Gossip Girl,” with that series’s abundant references to Prada and Burberry. But what if writers and publishers enlisted companies to sponsor those branded mentions, as is the widespread practice in Hollywood?

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