Saturday, March 15, 2008

Catalogers like Shepard Fairey

I saw this on Aaron Schmidt's flickr stream.

Ranganathan is one of the founders of cataloging and also wrote 5 laws of library science. Maybe you have already heard about him or studied him in library school. I did because I trained as a cataloger.

I am not really sure if I find this humourous or ironic or maybe a little too hipster. Can I be on the fence about a sticker based on the Shepard Fairey Andre the Giant stickers? He made them to be subversive, to make people question their environment, what is this derivation doing? I feel I am missing the point. Is there a point? Was it just to be fun? Just because?

I like Shepard Fairey. I like Ranganathan. I like cataloging. Maybe the answer is right there...

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