Monday, March 3, 2008

Online Images - Facebook & copyright

I am teaching a unit on images and their use for the classroom. I found this really interesting post about how Facebook hijacks your rights to your images without people really knowing it.

Now, I really hate Facebook.

Facebook’s Rights Grab: How Far Does It Go?

What I found is that unknowingly people using applications that reference photos are in fact indirectly posting photos to Facebook subjecting them to the excessively far-reaching terms specified in their Terms of Use. It’s not very obvious but many applications that you’d think would reference images from their source location (say a blog for example via Flog Blog) are in fact duplicating images and hosting them on Facebook. The net result being images hosted on Facebook as though you had manually uploaded them. The distinction legally is identical, but is far from obvious for the end user.

Source Location of Images on Facebook
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