Monday, March 17, 2008

What is the Buzz about?

I was reading RWW and they posted this article on Yahoo Buzz. Does anyone out there know what this is? Do you use Digg? Would you switch? I kind of like the little bit that I am seeing of it. But I need more info so if you know...let me know. It's in Beta testing but the statistics are interesting - serious increase in hits and probably ad revenue. Thoughts?

Yahoo Buzz is a Game Changer for Social Media; And Spells Trouble for Digg!

Yahoo Buzz is a social media experiment by Yahoo! that is currently in a closed beta. We found out today what kind of boost Buzz is giving the current selected blogs and news sources - Muhammad Saleem wrote that it is giving publishers huge bumps in both traffic and comments. Muhammad, you'll recall, wrote on ReadWriteWeb just about the only positive review of Yahoo Buzz when it first launched. In case you missed it, let's revisit the reasons why Buzz is a game changer. And why Digg is in big trouble...

Muhammad explained in his earlier post: "Imagine if Digg had 10 times the incoming traffic, and got a percentage of ad-revenue from each of the sites that were promoted to the front page. Yahoo! Buzz does essentially that."

Wait, What's Yahoo Buzz Again?

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