Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Author Visit: Cambria Gordon - "The Down-To-Earth Guide to Global Warming"

On Monday, Cambria Gordon, co-author of "The Down-To-Earth Guide to Global-Warming," came to the school to give a talk about how individuals (the kids) can reduce their carbon footprint as well as promoting her book.

The assembly was engaging and Ms. Gordon is extremely passionate about this cause. The kids seemed interested in what she was saying thought there were a couple of jokers' making comments that she handled with humor and tact. At one point, she asked the students suggestions for how to help stop global-warming and one student commented, "Stop having kids." I would have probably just looked at him and moved on but she pointed out that, that was a good point and "the elephant in the room" kind of suggestion. She made great points like her belief that one person can make a difference, that we are human and not perfect so we can only do what we can, and that one change may lead to one more change and then another and then it just becomes habit.

The Down-To-Earth Guide to Global Warming, published by Scholastic, is by Laurie David and Cambria Gordon. It is full of information and color photographs and illustrations that depict what global warming is and how it is affecting the planet. It is geared towards middle and elementary schoolers. It is also filled with informational side bars that go into depth about things like the dome C ice core, ideas that kids can try out at home, maps and other facts about being "green." There is even a section on "sustainable careers!" The final pages are filled with list of other books to read, good websites that students interested in the topic can check out and suggestions of what kids can do to lower their carbon imprint on the planet. Definitely worth checking out or adding to the collection.

I posted one step (that she mentioned) that I think lot of people would want to take - Stopping Junk Mail. There is a site you can join called If you want something free check out this link that Ambookgeek sent me from Smart Money.

Ambookgeek has his own take on the discussion here.

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