Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Childrens' Book Review: "The English Roses: Friends for Life" by Madonna (rated 2 stars)

by Madonna

A perfect example of if you are famous, you can get anything published, even if it’s drivel.

There was not much effort in the writing of this “book.” Does anyone out there remember slam books? Remember the notebooks you would pass around to your friends where you would write questions and answer them and add drawings or whatever so that your friends would get to know you? I guess, they are a bit like those memes that go around now. Yes, well, that is the format that Madonna uses in the first book of the series, “The English Roses.” There are 5 friends, each a stereotype of a girl: the sporty one, the fashionista, etc. It’s a bit like the Spice Girls. Anyway, so there are questions and the girls answer them. With some “helpful tips” pages, created by each character, thrown in between their entries. All in all, it was not that interesting. I am not sure if girls would enjoy it because it really did not make you all that interested in the characters or their friendship. It was just like a Q&A with Madonna coming up with random answers that a girl might write. She probably should have had Lourdes and Lourdes’ & her friends to answer the questions. If you like Madonna maybe you should buy it but it was not that good.

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