Sunday, July 13, 2008

YA Review: "Lucy The Giant" by Sherri Smith (rated 3 stars)

by Sherri L. Smith

Lucy is a giant! She towers over her high school classmates and no one can miss her. She’s so tall she can do a dead man’s carry with her dad after she receives that frequent call to pick him up from the local bar. She has dreams but she keeps them to herself. She’s smart. She can go to college if she wants to but she needs to take care of her dad after her mother walked out on them. What would you do when you cannot follow your dreams?
One day, she is sitting in a bar and hears a call for the next charter plane out of her small town, if you can call it that. She boards. She has no money. She has no prospects. She has no idea what will happen to her but she goes. She needs to go there is nothing for her at home.
Lucy no longer needs to be Lucy. No one knows her in this town. No one knows how old she is. No one knows her alcoholic father. She takes on a new identity and ends up learning about life and being an adult on a crab fishing boat.
If you like “The Deadliest Catch,” you will probably enjoy this tale. It ends a little too abruptly for my tastes but it was definitely a fun, adventure-filled and heart-warming read. It took about 2 hours when I had a bit of insomnia.

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