Sunday, December 7, 2008

On My Mind: Dealing With Eating Disorders

Being stuck up on the hill and no longer being at the heart of campus, I do not see as many students as I did before. The library used to be at the center of campus, so I saw kids who did not normally hang out in the library but would just pass through. I did not realize how separated and possibly out of touch we are now that we are so separated from the classrooms. Yes, students still come but now they come with a purpose - to work.
However, now one of the obvious drawbacks in now seeing a lot students is that I do not feel I know what is going on.
Recently, I saw a girl who I taught and I was struck at how unbelievably thin she had become. I remember seeing her at the beginning of the year and it was a marked difference from September to now. I was concerned and then I was told, "Oh, they (the important ones) know. It's actually better now."
Not that I think everyone on campus should know about these things but how transparent are most schools about certain students? I felt strange voicing my concerns so late especially when "they" are dealing with the situation. Maybe it was the look and tone I received when I shared my concerns...
I still have no idea what to do in those situations. I suppose, we are lucky that we have a really great counselor and also wonderful deans but still what would you do as an educator? Does it depend on your relationship with the student? Do you just ask how they are doing and leave it at that and hope and trust that the situation is being dealt with the best way the people above you know how?

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