Thursday, February 12, 2009

YA Review: "Absolutely Maybe" by Lisa Yee (rated 3 stars)

by Lisa Yee

Maybelline, aka Maybe, is a girl in search of her self. She is one of the odd girls at her high school in Kissimee, Florida. Her best friends are a kid nicknamed Hollywood, who is quiet, tall, and obsessed with film-making and Ted, an adopted kid of Thai descent. And her mother is a former beauty queen who runs a charm school for a pack of “mean” girls at her high school.

One night, Maybe wakes up to the smell of alcohol and her mom’s new husband forcing himself on her. She has to get away so she takes off with Hollywood and Ted to Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, Maybe is not a freak with pink hair. She’s just like any other kid. Being in an environment where she does not stand out allows her the opportunity to figure some things out.

Though it is an interesting story, Yee’s clipped style (there are chapters that are 2 or 3 sentences in length) is a bit distracting. This also happened very quickly and the impact of all the changes and challenges in Maybe’s life were lost. There are major issues, like her stepfather attempting to rape her and her search for her absent father, that seemed glossed over.

If you want something fast and light to read, this would be it.

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