Monday, March 2, 2009

Expectations for the China Study Tour

The picture above is from a photocopy of a map of China, I received during 1 of the 3 workshops I added to prepare for the upcoming China study tour. My colleagues and I will leave on March 28th and return on April 8th to take part in a tour that will mainly focus on the education system in China. We will be visiting schools and also major sites as well as taking part in lectures and meeting a number of people in different fields.
One of the projects that Professor Yunxiang Yan, who is leading us in this study tour and also organized all the workshops, suggested we write our expectations for the trip. I have been thinking about this trip and also about all the things we learned about during the intensive workshops we attended but honestly, I think my expectations are pretty simple. Honestly, I don't really know what to expect but that it will be different and fun and I will probably be a little bit out of my comfort zone at times. I am absolutely ok with that. I will probably be shocked by certain things but I also think, I will be kind of comfortable. I feel like certain things will be like the Philippines in some things. For example, there seems to be a big gap between rural and urban communities. But I also expect to see a lot of development. It will be interesting to see how tradition and modern ideas are integrated together. I am also looking forward to see how the schools are run. We are visiting a school for migrant children and also a school for immigrants. There is a difference.
After the workshops, I feel like there were will be so many different things that I should just be open and positive and get ready for any thing. Does that count as an expectation?

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