Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Glimpse At the China Tour Itinerary

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I leave for China in less than 2 weeks. Since friends are wondering what I will be doing here is a list. We love lists!
  • tour the Forbidden City
  • visit the Grand National Opera
  • vist the Temple of Heaven
  • eat (lots and lots of eatting :))
  • go to the Great Wall (which I cannot believe I will be walking on on March 30!!! eeee!)
  • go to the Ming Tomb Museum
  • visit the Niujie Mosque
  • visit a migrant school in Beijing
  • EAT!
  • Beijing Ancient Observatory
  • Summer Palace (whoo-hooo!)
  • visit Olympic Park
  • visit the Lama Temple
  • tour an artists' village
  • Fly to Kunming
  • round-table discussion on cultural diversity education at Yunnan University
  • visit a middle school
  • visit the Stone Forest
  • visit a Yi village
  • Fly to Shanghai (4/5)
  • visit Shanghai museum
  • vist TongLi
  • dinner with Professor Pan Tianshu
  • visit Baoshan Community hospital & discussion about China's medical system (this should be interesting since I want national healthcare and China is a huge country like the US)
  • visit the Yu Garden
  • 4/8 - shoppping! and then fly back to Beijing to go home


Joseph Hunkins said...

Cool itinerary for the China Trip - have a great time. Great wall = incredible!

Anna M. said...

thanks Joseph H. I'm super excited! I hardly ever travel so I am looking forward to being somewhere new :)