Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Web 2.0 lessons - Networking and Kids

For the past couple of classes, we have been having our students explore various web 2.0 tools. One of them happens to be networking (I'm dropping the "social" and the "educational" because that is a whole other post) tools available online. A few of my students are comparing Myspace, Facebook and Imbee. One of them came up with the an amusing analogy after I asked them to describe the difference between the three tools and how the privacy tools work. This student is really energetic so just picture someone talking very excitedly about the topic.
Student: "Ok. Ok. so Myspace is like a kid jumping off a cliff. right?" He then proceeds to "jump off a cliff)
"and Facebook is like, you know, a normal kid." (then he points to himself)
and all the while his partner is agreeing with him and then throws in
"and Imbee is like a kid wrapped in bubble wrap!!!"
I cannot wait to see how they demonstrate and talk about these tools and am steering them towards the educational value of these sites but sometimes it's just fun to hear them talk.

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