Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Every little bit helps! Please donate to AIDS/Lifecycle

Today, I received an email from my friend, Myleen, up north and one of her friends is also participating in the AIDS/Lifecycle event happening at the end of May. My friend, Nikki, is riding as well so I thought I would spread the good word. Maybe know someone, maybe you don't know someone who has dealt with this horrible disease...but you know, it's important that we strive to find a cure. I know, people are strapped for cash, hell, I'm strapped for cash my self but for a good cause and to help some good people, I will help with what I can.

Anyway, this is a link to Nikki's page and also info for a "fund-rager" happening in San Francisco to help Myleen's friend, Jack, this friday, April 24 at Orange Photography 1261 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94103. The fundraiser (rager) starts at 6:30pm. I don't even know Jack, but if I did, I would go!
Thanks for helping out or sending good vibes.
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