Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A story about "Swallow Me Whole"

by Nate Powell

Book Review: “Swallow Me Whole” by Nate Powell

This is the first Nate Powell graphic novel I have read. I am not an expert on graphic novels but I do know what I like and this one I liked. It is dark, confusing, and at times incomprehensible which reflects the reality that Ruth, her step-brother, Perry, and even her grandmother’s mental states. Ruth is obsessed with bugs and order, Perry sees and hears a talking wizard that compells him to draw and Memaw, the grandmother, hears and sees things. The dialogue moves from clear to confusing and you are never sure what is really “real.” My co-worker said that the story is hopeful in the end…my first impression was more sadness but the more I looked and thought about the last images, it is hopeful.

Definitely a good stand-alone graphic novel to add to your collection.

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