Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Book Drops: "Poppy and Ereth" by Avi (children's) (rated 4 stars)

by Avi

This is the first book by Avi I have ever read. I know! Unbelievable and how can I work in the Children’s Library at BPL?!? Well, I do and better late than never.

This is also the last book of the Poppy series and I have to say it is a wonderful read. I do not want to give anything away…Poppy is coming out of a deep depression and discovers that there is more still in life even though she is an old deer mouse. It is funny but also deals with real issues, like death. There is also a little bit of commentary about global warming but I am not sure little kids will get that. Fun and we also are introduced to a new mouse, Spruce, who like his grandmother Poppy, is an adventure seeker. who knows, that maybe the new series?

A great ending to a wonderful tale that I never read. Definitely good as part of the series and also stand alone. I love that! Also Ereth, the crotchety old curmudgeon of a porcupine is probably one of my new favorite characters. He’s very entertaining with his forest cursing.

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