Friday, August 21, 2009

Is having information so wrong?

My friend, Jan, posted a nice blog about the health care reform bills. She compared the two on a subject important to her. Read it. It's worth it.
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1321 is a LOT less than 3200.


A search of HR 3200 for "end of life" or "advance care planning" brought me to Section 1233 of the bill which is about 11 pages long. You know what's there? You know what's so radical and immoral and dangerous that has people up in arms? A provision that ensures people can get information. That's ALL. It requires that everyone have an opportunity once every five years to a consultation with an appropriate health care provider (doctor, nurse practitioner, physician's assistant, etc.) about things like living wills, durable/medical powers of attorney, "do not resuscitate" orders, decisions about not forcing hydration/nutrition during the dying process, and hospice services. If someone contracts a potentially fatal illness, they can get another consultation even if it hasn't been five years yet. And nothing requires anyone to go to such consultations -- they're an option.

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