Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Class Notes: The Library Catalog

Yesterday, I taught our book catalog lesson. Do you know how you teach something over and over again and you just get bored or no matter what approach you use to searching, you still encounter some inexplicable problem? Yes? Well, that is where I am with this lesson.
At this point, I feel that the worksheet I use cannot really be improved upon but again, I teach do teach this lesson a lot and I am probably not seeing a different approach...We discuss search strategies, techniques, explain different navigational features and then practice some searches to show the kids what we want them to do.
The kids were pretty successful and all found books on their topic and seemed to understand how to use the catalog. And that..is the main objective of the lesson is that they use the catalog to find a book.
(ok, an aside, I really am going deaf. My coworker was trying to ask me a question about today's lesson and I could not hear her over the din of the boys playing boardgames behind us. sad.)

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