Friday, January 15, 2010

Graphic Novel Friday : "The Runaways-dead end kids"

This is so late but today was very busy at work. We have grades due, comments to right, helping students finish projects and prep for finals, plus, I had to substitute and did not have that much time to sit in front of my computer.
I ordered a number of graphic novels for the library that have been on a number of YALSA, Booklist, and Publisher Weekly lists and this was one of them. Plus, I heard from my friend, RAPatton, that this was a good series. So, this Friday's graphic novel pick is The Runaways: Dead End Kids by Joss Whedon, Michael Ryan and Christina Strain. Published by Marvel. ISBN: 978-0-7851-2853-3.
In this comic, the kids have made a deal with one of the most evil villains in New York City, a deal that they will regret. In order to escape, the end up jumping back in time, to a time where unions were beginning to form, where kids still worked in factories and married, and where there were other "Wonders." The runaways have also traveled to a time where different factions of those wonders are close to war. Though these other groups are trying to manipulate them for each groups purpose, the runaways stay true to the family. The story moves quickly and is filled with really amazing images that you would expect from Marvel. The different styles that separate each chapter compliment each other well though they are strikingly different. The pages devoted to each chapter are softer and less stylized than the main sections of each chapter which adds to the transitions in the story.
I was not disappointed by this series. All the recommendations were worth it. I would say that this is not for children but appropriate for middle and high school. I am happy that it is now part of our collection. Even if we don't own every part of this series, at least students who like graphic novels will be able to read it and have an introduction to this series.

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