Friday, January 29, 2010

Songs about the Library and/or librarians

Hum, i just saw this..I'm going to have to give it a listen when I get home. In grad school, one of my professors collected library/librarian songs. This reminded me of him...
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Mixtape: 10 Best Songs About Libraries and Librarians

So you’re laid up in bed with the flu like everyone else, with nothing to do but chug Emergen-C, ride the NyQuil train, and gaze glassy-eyed at hours of DVRed shows that you’d usually let languish. It’s time for a new playlist! When even keeping your eyes open starts to hurt, queue up this nerdy mixtape and zonk out to the best in library-inspired jams. Thanks to @flavorpill follower Lauren for the smart (and challenging!) idea.

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