Friday, February 12, 2010

Graphic Novel Friday: "Isadora Duncan: a graphic biography" by Sabrina Jones

What Caught My Eye: I love the fluidity of the dress. Also, I really do admire Isadora Duncan. I took an American Studies course in Santa Cruz and that is the first place I heard about her. Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham - two of the most amazing dancers in history.

Why I didn't Put It Down:

"She looked pink. Talked Red. Acted Scarlet."

- American reporter describes Isadora Duncan.

Lori Belilove, founder of the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation and Company wrote the introduction and talks about how this is a way to introduce people to Isadora Duncan, who is the Mother of Modern dance. She also mentions the authenticity of the biography even though it is a graphic novel. Isadora Duncan was so free and self-assured and confident and it is illustrated wonderfully by Sabrina Jones fluid pen/brush strokes. Also, on page 29, Jones includes Duncan's manifesto on dance which you can read a version of it here.

the dancer of the future will not revive the antique dance,

she will not dance as a nymph, fairy, or coquette,

but as a woman in her purest expression...

- Isadora Duncan

Who Would I Recommend This To: Students interested in dance, students with a biography project, people looking for a story about a very independent inspiring person.

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