Friday, March 12, 2010

Graphic Novel Friday: To The Heart of the Storm by Will Eisner

This Friday's selection is Will Eisner's To The Heart of the Storm.
As I've delved more and more into graphic novels/comics, Will Eisner is one of the persons we need to know. Read more about him here. Also, this week, Booklist featured their Top 10 Graphic Novels for Youth in their newsletter. You can check it out here. I'm happy to report that our library has a majority of the items listed. And this week's Read Alert from Booklist showcases graphic novels.

What Caught My Eye: The continuing war in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Oscar win for the Hurt Locker, and next week's run of HBO's the Pacific, plus the fact that a lot of our kids pick up this book and read it during their free periods, really made me want to pick up this book.

Why I Couldn't Put It Down: This is 206 pages of a very engaging autobiographical story. This book covers the gambit - coming of age, tolerance, prejudice, anti-semitism, immigrant life, assimulation. You also gain a sense of Eisner's contribution to the genre, going beyond the superhero tales, to something "real."

Who Would I Recommend This To: Those interested in war stories, Will Eisner and those who have read Maus. It is really a remarkable story.

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