Monday, March 1, 2010

Nonfiction Monday: How Robots Work by Tony Hyland

Happy Nonfiction Monday!!! Today's host is Simply Science, go visit to see the round-up and stick around to read the great science-related posts!!! Thanks Simply Science Blog!!!

Today's read is How Robots Work by Tony Hyland, who is an Australian childrens book author and you can also follow him on Twitter (@TonyHylandwrite). It's pretty neat following authors on twitter..I also follow @neilgaiman and a couple of others... How Robots Work is part of a 6 book series from MacMillan Library called Robots and Robotics - a couple of the titles that I would be interested in reading : Space Robots and High Risk Robots.

What Caught My Eye: If you know me, you know I love robots!!! Love them!!! Look at my Flickr stream - ROBOTS!

Why I Didn't Put It Down: This book is filled with color photographs of all sorts of robots - humanoid robots, industrial robots, space robots and you cannot help but want to read about how they work. There are helpful captions and sidebars and it will keep a kid engaged through the 32 pages. It was interesting to read about the types of multi-legged robots that are used to scale walls and robots that can smell and robots that can built things. Fun and interesting facts fill the pages and kids who are interested in robots and robotics will really find it a great read.

Who Would I Recommend This To: To those kids who love building things and taking things apart. Also, if you are interested in robots and robotics, it is just fun getting a little information about what is happening out there in the field - who knew robots could smell!?!?!

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