Friday, March 5, 2010

Wet Felting : The Purse Project

I did mention I'm crafting my way through the school year and this is the second wet-felted purse I made. I really am enjoying using roving and I hope that I have the opportunity to go and learn about dying wool and maybe even spinning.
You know, sometimes it's takes a while to find a creative outlet and after I took that needlefelting class at the Home Ec Shop with Jenny...well, I've been a little obsessed. I want to buy all sorts of colors and things are just inspiring me.
Project on my list:
  • make a green lantern ring
  • seahorses on something
  • Bobo the Owl from Clash of the Titans..on something
  • making my crock pot inspired totes and shirts
  • felting some slippers

Anyway, I think, I will try to felt a little purse today for my niece. she's turning 7!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I feel very emotionally drained this hoping some ho'ike fun time with friends will help.

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