Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reverb 10 #4 - Cultivating Wonder

Inspired by Tiffany and Jason to reflect on the past year and think about the new year, I joined #reverb10. We are always talking about how our students lack the time to reflect on all the lessons they are learning. And I have realized that I do not have time to reflect either. So, I will make an effort this month to reflect daily on what has happened in my day.

December 4 – Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? (Author: Jeffrey Davis)

I looked at the different definitions of "wonder" - surprise, doubtful speculation, curiousity - and I definitely fall in the category of curiousity: a state at which you want to learn more about something ( This year, I made a real effort to learn something new every month. I started taking classes at Home Ec Shop (now closed) with Jenny Ryan. She is a wonderful teacher and enthusiastic about anyone interested in learning practically any kind of craft you can think of.

I learned how to needlefelt and with that I taught myself how to wetfelt. Next year, I will try to make those placemats that my friend, Max, asked me to make. I am starting a notebook filled with images of items that inspire me to work on this craft. My dream is to have an alpaca. I wonder, if I can sponsor an alpaca....

I took a sewing class there as well and with that I destroyed my sewing machine. I still need to invest in a new one. I have a few patterns from Colette Patterns. I really want to make my own clothes and also to make shirts for my guy friends. I don't know, something about a really tailored mens shirt is just so neat and elegant. My coworker showed me a newsletter from the tailor her husband uses and having a fitted ensemble is just incredible to look at. I feel, I was much more into being creative about my wardrobe and I really return to that awareness. I'm not going to be a fashionista by any means but I should just make a bit more of an effort. (Also, it might be this crazy long hair I have now....)

I've taking all of Richenda Brim's book binding class. She's the woman behind Clementine Press. She's a print artist and librarian/conservationist. Talk about being a wonderful example of what we can become and do with our MLIS/MIS/MLS degrees. We can do anything and continue to foster our other interests and share them if we so choose. She offers classes so if you are an artist or are curious as book binding, definitely, learn from Richenda. She's a great teacher.

Also, I've had a lot of fun baking all sorts of things. This year, I even tried my hand at making pot pies. I love a good pot pie. I made pecan snowball/Russian teacake cookies and those were amazing. There are a lot of wonderful bakers out there and I am always inspired by what they share (i.e. The Food Librarian, smitten kitchen, Joy the Baker, and all of my family and friends who are always sharing recipes and food with me online and offline).

I also am finishing my 1st year of hula. 2 dances and 2 more to learn. It is important to be a student. My mom still takes classes. Of course, she's at the age where they pay her to learn things but she always tries new things. This year, she's been taking a baking class and even made an Eiffel Tower cake for my ate's birthday! She's going to make a crib cake for her baby shower also. See, it runs in the family. My sister is the same way.

You really need to foster that sense of curiousity and it doesn't have to be taking a class, it could be exploring a city, taking a walk, getting out and singing karaoke, just look around and if you wonder how it's made, works, etc..go out and teach your self. Anything is possible and just try to let things like fear or money or doubt stop you. Trust me, I know the money issue...that just means it will take a little longer than some people but if you really want it, just do it.

As Jason would say "Don't Just Say It, Do It."


Phoenix Peacock said...

I found you through Reverb 10. I'm curious as to how you might bring this lesson into your classroom as well. I love hearing about all the ways you cultivate your curiosity - you might be really interested in Csikszentmihalyi's theory on flow.

Anna M. said...

I will have to look up who Csikszentmihalyi is. Is this person an educator? Thank you for the suggestion! oH and I like your blog!