Sunday, February 20, 2011

Remember! Margaret H. Sanger (LOC)

Margaret H. Sanger (LOC)
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Please help support Planned Parenthood which has just been banned from Federal Funding. Don't let the work started by Margaret Sanger fall to the way side by individuals trying to take control of our bodies ladies.

Sign the letter on the planned parenthood site. Donate if you can.

When I graduated from UCSC, the only place I could afford to go to was Planned Parenthood. I had a full time job but no health insurance. I actually worked about 3 jobs after I graduated. I didn't make a lot of money and Planned Parenthood was where I could go for my yearly exams. I could go there if I felt sick. I donated whatever money I had and I was thankful that there was a place for me to go even though I didn't have insurance.

Planned Parenthood is more than a place to have an abortion. It provides basic health services for those of us who didn't have insurance.

Sometimes I wish these people who make decisions about our bodies would just lose everything and live like a person who makes minimum wage and paycheck to paycheck and can't go to the doctor...maybe then they will understand that we need these services.

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