Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Mean, I Can't Leave My Girlfriend's Kid Unattended?

Yes, folks! That's right! There are rules to leaving kids unattended in the Children's room, especially if they are under 9 years old. Today, in the PL, a little kid was left in the library. Because you know, the library is safe and also, we offer free babysitting services. NOT! A lot of time, parents will leave there kids in here for a short bit of time so they can browse the main collection and do work on the computers in the main area. Usually, they drop in to just make sure their kids are here and doing all right. That's normal. However, this jackass (excuse me but I'm pissed) just dropped the kid off and went about his way. The kid came up to me and mentioned being done on the computer and headed out. Our supervisor came back to the Children's library to call the mom. They paged this paged this guy, walked around the library calling out his name and then nothing. So, we called the kid's mom. I sat with the kid for 30 minutes playing Life. Finally the guy shows up. And starts reprimanding the kid about how he told him where he was sitting and blah blah blah. Then walked away. After that the kid says "oh, I'm going to be in so much trouble." I told the kid it was an honest mistake. They tried everything they could do to find that guy but the kid seemed a little nervous of course. Then I guess, the mom kept calling the guy. Our supervisor warned him that if he did that again, she would call the police. And this guy had all this attitude about it too. WTFringe? I hope the kid will be ok. At one point the kid was all "Oh no...she's [Mom] not his girlfriend. He's just a friend." So who knows what kind of drama that's about. OY!

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