Monday, April 18, 2011

Yellow cake with Lemon Frosting

Yellow cake with Lemon Frosting
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It's been awhile since I posted about my baking adventures. This month's Real Simple is filled with cake, frosting and filling recipes so I wanted to try one.
I have never made a traditional cake like this before. I have made cakes but nothing like what I used to make from a box. Growing up I thought that (insert brand name here) yellow cake was the best but it is a bit too sweet and they must add something else to it because this cake was similar but different.
The recipes are linked on my flickr picture post if you are interested.
I pretty much stuck with the recipe but substituted "coconut milk/half and half" for the "whole milk." You cannot taste the coconut at all. I was a little worried that it would make the cake mushy or something but that didn't happen at all.
I also didn't follow the instructions to a tee because i was pulling a Sarah Lee while I was baking it if you know what I mean. So, instead of beating the butter to a fluffy consistency and then adding the dry ingredients, I threw them all in the bowl. Opps!
Then, I couldn't wait for the cakes to cool so I threw them in the freezer for a bit. I know! BAD BAKER! BAD BAKER! But it didn't was still so good!
I also grated some lemon rind into the frosting. DELICIOUS! But I would have liked a bit more lemony taste so I will have to switch that up next time.

Happy Baking!

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