Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Future Library

The Boundless Library: Explore the New York Public Library Collections on Your iPad

Now THIS is what I'm talking about! I might be one of the few people who was not all up in arms about Seth Godin's post about "The Future Library." I agree with him!

The library (school, public, academic, etc) is leading the way in how we use all these technologies. We are not just an old stuffy building filled with books. We are a vibrant workspace filled with tech labs, laptops, kids talking and collaborating, books, audiobooks, dvds, electronic media carriers!!!, pens, papers, glue, etc. If you've ever worked in a school library like ours it's is a "makerspace"

Anyway, we have to reach out and not fight the future. We have to evolve just like everything else out there is evolving...

And here is NYPL learding the way with this great app!!!

I'm excited. I'm excited for our students. I'm excited for us as librarians who are open to exploring all these things.

Yay! NYPL!!!

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