Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Losing space...ebooks versus physical spaces...

Every time I see these new Kindle commercials, I cringe just a little bit. I was trying to pin point what it is that really bothers me and I think I know what it is after reading this quote that Bright As Yellow posted.

I used to enjoy the old Kindle commercials, they were much more alive and warm and kind of gave you this sense of transporting you to another place.

Or this commerical:

But now there is this starkness, like the Apple commercials and there also seems to be this battle with place.  I am not sure if I am making sense here but I will try to articulate what it is that I am thinking and feeling. The first of the new commercials I watched was the one above - I'm going to the bookstore (or library), but hold on, you don't have to GO anywhere, I just bought the book you wanted in 60 seconds. Girl stops and just starts reading. The second commercial, the same girl has a book and again the guy has a Kindle (which probably deserves a comment as well) and she's describing being outside and the physicality of the book and again gets awed by the amazing-awesomeness of the Kindle.

I don't want to people to stop going to bookstores or libraries. I think, even with these e-readers that it is still important to have these spaces to go to where you can browse the shelves and maybe find something else to read or run into friends or have a place where you can feel the weight of a 200 page book in your hand.

Don't get me wrong, I read ebooks, I listen to audiobooks, but I don't really like that there is this battle between the physical book and the ereaders as well as what looks to be as this battle between going out to places where these books are shelved and the ease of the download (never leave your home again!!!!)

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