Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Laughing Out Loud: Maurice Sendak on Colbert Report

Thanks to Tiffany for mentioning this on Twitter.  I am not sure why the Washington Post says that Sendak is having a bad day. Because to me, he seems in very good spirits. Is it because of the comment about Newt Gingrich? Maybe because I'm kind of a curmudgeon my self. 


Unknown said...

Maurice Sendak was wonderfully curmudgeonly. It's obvious he doesn't watch TV so has no clue who Colbert is and just goes with all the questioning, answering honestly to everything.

Loved it.

Phoenix Peacock said...

This is fantastic! I absolutely died laughing. Personally I think Sendak was full of humor and didnt seem the least bit cranky. I think people probably misinterpret his voice.
Anyway. made my day, thank you!