Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Drops: "Page by Paige" by Laura Lee Gulledge

"This Illustrated Life: 'Page by Paige' soundtrack: I like music. So in "Page by Paige" I decided to reference a lot of bands though the t-shirts my characters wear and the posters on their wa..."

Page by Paige is a graphic novel by Laura Lee Gulledge. It is definitely a great book for girls. The drawings are excellent (take a look at that link from LLG's blog). It is crazy that as a woman, I still feel the insecurities I felt as a teen, which Paige expresses through the pages of this graphic novel. It is a fun, hopefully, empowering read for girls who might be struggling with their own identities. It was fun and serious.

Ok, now I have to read something funny but I don't know what...Everything I've been reading lately is so serious and sad yet hopefully. If you have any suggestions, let me know. I might have to watch some Regular Show to get in a different head space.

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