Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Careening on the Edge

This is the first week of Fast Start and I again feel like I am floundering.

For those who are wondering, Fast Start is our week long intensive course for new 9th graders. Basically, we teach them how they need to conduct research at school and familiarize them with the library's resources.

Basically, I kind of suck at the whole speaking in front of a class thing. STILL! I thought, I would be fine but then I started talking. It is like every thing I taught and learned last year completely disappeared from my mind. It feels like the first year again. Does this happen to other teachers? I know about the beginning of the year jitters but geez, this is ridiculous.

Who knew that taking a summer off would have such an affect on me?

Not that I am complaining because I do not know how anyone does not have summer's off after this. It's unfair! But this goes with my whole theory of implementing siestas in the states...

I have two more days with the new kids. They all seem pretty nice though I can also tell that some of them think I'm a d-bag or am stupid. I get this look sometimes, when I am standing in front of them, and I go completely blank. I think, I space out, get a little cross-eyed, my mouth may even hang open...I don't know. But it does not feel pretty.

I just have to tell myself that I need to be ready by the 5th of September and to close my mouth and not look like a deer in headlights.

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