Thursday, August 16, 2007

Countdown to the end of Summer Vacation

I have a week left before the meetings begin and we start getting the library ready for the new school year. Last year was overwhelming, exciting, panic-inducing, entertaining and was one of the most educating experiences of my life.

I am starting my 2nd year of school librarianship and teaching.

I have been contemplating what my goals for the new year will be. Reflecting on last year, which started off with a BANG!, I am less afraid of the kids this year. I had never worked with a classroom of kids before and the thought of having to teach 14 middle schools woke me up in night sweats in the middle of the night.
I plan on taking advantage of all of the benefits of working at a fabulous school that allows me to attend conferences. I would like to focus on the EdTech side of things.
I will also be working on my ability to forge relationships with the parents. I do not know how people foster these relationships, I am just not very good at it. Parents freak me out. There! I said it! It's true!

I have about 10 days left. Time to switch from summer mode to school mode.

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