Wednesday, September 5, 2007

They still like me!!!!

It is the first day of classes today and my morning was just made. Last year, I had a group of boys who would come in and help out at the Library. It was a lot of fun and they were so sweet. They willingly would come in and do random tasks, like shred paper or decorate the bulletin boards or stuff envelopes.

This year, they will all be in 8th grade. 8th grade equals THE CHANGE. This is when they really have the hormones going crazy and they start noticing girls and their voices start changing. I thought they would maybe come in to visit me and maybe hang out and maybe remember that I'm still alive.

I got so attached to them. They were my little posse of helpers last year. But THE CHANGE is the time where they go crazy and start driving people (meaning adults) insane. They (boys and girls) start testing boundaries, they get moody, they purposefully try to find a way to push your buttons, they all of a sudden get attitudes. Honestly, I thought that would happen...ok, granted, it is only the first day of school, but you know, the summer is the time where all the madness begins.

But today, before classes started, they came in and found me. I cannot even express how happy that that happened. They made my day. And, of course, Ambookgeek and Company already had them working.

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