Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Golden Compass : Anti-religious - Yes or No?

There is a email with a snopes link (the urban-legends site) post going around that states that Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass is anti-religious. On the Snopes site, which we actually use as a relevant and reliable site for finding out if hoaxes are true or false, they have an entry that states that The Golden Compass IS anti-religious.

I am not sure who decided that this was true because it is certainly open for discussion.

On Shelfari, there is an interesting discussion about this entry.

If you have not read the book, you really should. I would not trust some random person's assessment of it.

I know some people just want a brief overview so here is the Wikipedia link. (I know, "wikipedia?") but people use it so that is my reason for this link.

I just thought I would see what other people think. I really love the books, I do not think they are anti-religious at all. I think they are beautifully written and they certainly make you think about religion and extremism.

But I cannot help but wonder who sent this out? Was it the publisher? Was it the movie company? was it someone just making assumptions? Because it is definitely creating a buzz and the movie is coming out soon.

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