Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Middle School Library Geeks" Podcast On Its Way!!!

I am so excited. A couple of my students, who have dubbed themselves the "library geeks," are interested in creating a podcast. We were supposed to meet this week but I have the flu and missed our first meeting. Of course, the sponsor of the project ends up having the flu. Hopefully, next week we will be able to meet and create something to share here or some where else. I still need to figure it out because it is a middle school.

This year, at IL 2007, I attended the "Podcasting and Videocasting Bootcamp" hosted by David Free and David Lee King. It was a very informative workshop where they showed the attendees how to create podcasts and videocasts as well as discussed the types of equipment needed and where to host these projects. I was really excited about creating a podcast but then I lost a bit of momentum because of the class load I have at the beginning of the year. It is a time-consuming and also getting students onboard has proved to be a bit difficult because even if they are interested, they are just as busy as we are. Hopefully, this works out. We will meet once a week to record and then probably take a bit of time to edit. I am hoping we have a segment a week. Am I being too ambitious?

Podcast Wiki by David Free:

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