Thursday, December 6, 2007

Life Beyond Google: Eight Great Alternative Search Engines

Interesting clip! Thought I would pass it on.
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Everyzing is one of my favorite sites for searching for audio- and video-based information found on the web. It actually indexes the words spoken in podcasts and videocasts, and then it displays excerpts as text
SearchEngineColossus is great for doing targeted searches in any language using the actual engine that locals use. lets you type in a question and then sifts through your search results to find the answer to your question.
SearchGov is a great way to search for government institutions and offices, and divisions within them.
If you remember a string of text from a book, you can often find it in context at SearcheBooks.
IncyWincy crawls the Invisible Web. It’s especially good at executing searches within targeted search engines on the web and letting you know exactly which rock it’s finding promising results under
FindArticles. The site houses over 10 million articles
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