Thursday, December 6, 2007

What is your social network worth?

This is a really interesting blog that is making me think about how public I want or need to be online. There is value in having an online presence but how many people do I want to know "all" of the different online social networks I am a part of or use?

Let your presence be known!

“Everybody who is in your social network is worth 50 cents to a dollar to your employer.”

With social networks comes knowledge power that most schools do not realize they have. Imagine the following interview question:

“Could you please share with me the extent of the learning network that you would bring with you to this job?”

We tell students to be aware of their social presence. As adults, we too must understand the power of these networks. We need to understand that there is power here and that our social presence adds market value. How do we factor this into our hiring practices? 21st Century hiring practices should not only look at your experience but at the social network you bring with you to the job.

I ask you to stop and think for a second how much your knowledge network is worth.

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