Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Daniel Pink interviews Thomas Friedman

Yesterday, Alan November visited the school and held a workshop. He talked about global learning and how students need to be prepared for the future and need a world view. He discussed ways to incorporate web tools so that students can use these tools in a new context, not just a social one. At one point, he talked about Thomas Friedman's books and that triggered Daniel Pink in my head. Then Karl Fisch posted this link on his blog, The Fischbowl. I thought it would be a good one to share.
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Tom Friedman on Education in the ‘Flat World’
The School Administrator
A discussion with author Daniel Pink on curiosity, passion and the politics of school reform in the global marketplace

We sent Daniel Pink — himself the author of another best-selling book that’s been embraced by educators, A Whole New Mind — to talk with Friedman in his office at the Times’ Washington bureau. What followed was a wide-ranging conversation about schools, parents, mash-ups, horizontal thinking and the value of “yes, but” teaching.

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