Wednesday, February 6, 2008

YA Review: "New Moon" by Stephanie Meyer (rated 4 stars)

by Stephenie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer’s second book in the Twilight series is definitely worth a read. She continues this “Romeo and Juliet” tale except that in book 2, Edward, is not such a prominent character. Bella Swan, has been a zombie for the past 6 months since Edward broke up with her. She is coming to her own but the pain for a true love lost continues to consume her. She tries to get out of it and becomes closer friends with Jacob Black, whom we met in Twilight. He’s younger than her but is in love with her.

In Twilight, Jacob tells Bella some of they myths and legends that have been passed down from his people, the Quileutes, about the “cold ones” and “werewolves.” This tale becomes one of the foundations for “New Moon.” Things are changing for everyone who lives in and around Forks, Washington.

Bella’s struggle to keep from falling apart after losing Edward, Jacob’s bond with Bella and Edward and the Cullens’ connection to Bella Swan will all come into play. Who does Bella choose? How much danger has she put her self and her family and friends in?

“New Moon” does not move as quickly as “Twilight” but it is still a page turner. This book seems to be the one that gives the reader the history for what will happen in the 3rd book, “Eclipse.” It was more of a foundation building book and it definitely is not a stand-alone book. You need to read “Twilight” to understand what is happening. It is action packed and filled with longing and romance. However, it certainly can be enjoyed by both girls and boys. Readers will be torn, like Bella, between their fascination and admiration of the Cullens, the vampire family, and Jacob Black and his pack of werewolves.

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