Friday, February 15, 2008

Teacher Librarians - School Librarians - we are not obsolete!

Rob Darrow (California Dreamin' Blog) posted this. How exciting is this news?
And now story time:
In grad school during orientation week, one of our esteemed professors asked, "Is there anyone interested in school librarianship?" The crickets started chirping. Throughout my entire 2 years, the only thing I heard about school librarianship was that it was an obsolete job and that you would be the first person given the pink slip when the budget needed to be shifted. However, from the looks of it, it is becoming more and more in demand.
I pretty much fell into my job. I never thought about working at a school, let a lone working with teenagers. But here I am and it is the most interesting and challenging job I have ever had. It's great to see that certain states see the importance of this position and how it is an asset to a good education program.
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Unanimous! On to the House....

Olympia continues to mystify and thrill us. After passing out of Ways and Means yesterday, we expected to wait to be scheduled in the Senate Rules Committee. But .... SB#6380 was heard by and passed through the Rules committee this morning, and then went for a full Senate floor vote this afternoon. Senators McAuliffe, Eide, Marr, Brown, Honeyford, Hargrove, and Parlette spoke in support of the bill, and it in was UNANIMOUSLY PASSED just after 4pm this afternoon.

There will be more info. posted at the blog later
But we wanted you to know the great news.

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