Friday, February 15, 2008

Jupiter & Saturn have siblings? WOW!

Dewitte clipped this on Voxed about it so I'm going to use it as one of my questions for a new class project we will eventually start in the Lib/Tech class we offer at the school.
Basically, I will have to come up with interesting questions for students to research online. They will then need to find the correct information and evaluate the site they use. This will be reinforcing the skills at evaluating websites. Questions they need to keep in mind: who created this site? when is the site updated? who links to this article? what types of people/sites does this main site link to?
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Siblings of Jupiter and Saturn discovered

Exoplanet versions of Jupiter and Saturn

Astronomers have discovered a pair of planets orbiting a star 5000 light years away that together look remarkably like a scaled-down version of our own solar system. The planets, which were spotted using a technique called gravitational microlensing, are both smaller than Jupiter and Saturn and are orbiting a star about half the size of our Sun. The discovery suggests that star systems like our own might be more common than we think.

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