Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why it's good to use a variety of services...Not just Google

I saw a link to this on Twitter. How frightening is that? someone can just phish for your identity and then if you only use one company everything you have ever done with that company is just deleted? Frightening.
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February 8, 2008

a google horror story: what happens when you are disappeared

Earlier this week, Bob received a notice that there was a spam problem in his Orkut community. The message was in English and it looked legitimate and so he clicked on it. He didn't realize that he'd fallen into a phisher's net until it was too late. His account was hijacked for god-knows-what-purposes until his account was blocked and deleted. He contacted Google's customer service and their response basically boiled down to "that sucks, we can't restore anything, sign up for a new account." Boom! No more email, no more calendar, no more Orkut, no more gChat history, no more Blogger, no more anything connected to his Google account.

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